elementary os has completed github migration

Promising more transparency and accessibility, elementary os team has announced completion of their github migration. This implies, more than 70 repositories of elementary os has been moved from launchpad-bzr environment to github.

For those who are not familiar with github, it is one of the biggest version control management platform backed by Git. There are several small to big scale open source projects hosted at github. It offers an easy way code commit, code review, issue management, issue tracking ...etc

one of the key reason behind github migration is enabling an easy way in for developers and other contributors. Over the time, different elementary projects hosted at github has enjoyed small but numerous pull requests from community.

Other reasons inspired elementary team for github migration can be summarized as follows:
  • Lower Barrier to Entry : Github provides simple web tools so that small fixes can be submitted in a web browser. Since elementary started migrating to GitHub, they’ve seen an influx of small, but helpful pull requests.
  • Better Integrations : GitHub is integrated with Slack, which means that when a new issue is filed or a pull request is submitted, elementary team gets a message right away. Elementary downstreams like GitHub because it uses Git, making it easier to package elementary software for other Linux distributions like Fedora.
  • Better Code Reviews : GitHub allows to enforce some behavior for branches. Specifically, we can disallow the ability to push to the master branch and require code reviews. We can also require that branches pass status checks, like testing and even dismiss old approvals when new commits are pushed.
  • Tighter controls on pull requests :  elementary project also require that branches be up to date with the latest master and GitHub’s built-in tools make it easy to resolve conflicts if they occur. That way, we can be sure that the reviews we do are being done on up-to-date code. All of this together means that branches are reviewed faster and more thoroughly at the same time.
  • Richer Issue Reports : Because GitHub uses markdown everywhere, we can get much better issue reports with embedded images and code snippets.
For more information, see original blog post published on elementary blogs.

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