Zorin OS 12.2 released with performance and usability improvements

The Zorin Group has announced release of Zorin OS 12.2, latest stable release of Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution that provides a familiar user experience. This release of Zorin OS comes with various performance and usability improvements to provide a more faster, secure and powerful computing experience to all class of users.

Zorin OS 12.2 comes with an enhanced desktop experience. It features preview of minimized windows on mouse hover. This is a feature that makes newbies to feel like home when their migrating for operating systems like microsoft windows.

MS Office 2013 running on Zorin OS 12.2 (Credit : Zorin OS blog)
Latest stable release of Wine, a compatibility layer for windows applications, is included on Zorin OS 12.2. It provides support for more windows applications. This supports extends even for MS office 2013, a proprietary productivity suite developed by Microsoft. You can refer Wine guide lines to know more about installation MS Office 2013 on Zorin OS.

Zorin OS 12.2 also features a disk space usage analyzing tool in default installation. This will help you to check usage of each partition present in your system.
Zorin OS 12.2 introduces the updated Linux kernel 4.10 with new hardware drivers and strengthened security out of the box. These updated core technologies make the operating system even more resistant to viruses and ransomware attacks, while also adding compatibility for newer hardware including PCs with the new AMD Ryzen processor series. These enhancements make Zorin OS work even better on the computers of today, and ready for the machines of tomorrow.
For more information on Zorin OS 12.2, see release announcement published in Zorin OS blog.

Download Zorin OS 12.2 Core

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