Apricity OS 07.2016 Aspen released

The Apricity OS team has announced release of Apricity OS 07.2016 Aspen, first most stable release of Arch based, rolling GNU/Linux distribution that offers well tweaked Cinnamon and GNOME experience. In addition to stable release Aspen, Apricity project has also unveiled monthly development snapshot of distribution.

Apricity OS 07.2016 Aspen is accompanied by several features. Most notable feature is a custom build system known as Freezedry. This custom build system will help you to build your own distribution. Other features includes LUKES encryption support, improved installer, icon theme with better coverage ..etc.

In addition to changes in core operating system, the project has made significant changes in it's infrastructure. The project has got a revamped website with user friendly forum, wiki, revamped blog, and a web interface for Freezedry the custom build system.

Many changes have been implemented since the last release, most notable of which is certainly Apricity Freezedry, a system configuration tool that has been integrated into the development build system for Apricity OS. With a simple TOML configuration file, many aspects of a system may be configured, including Gnome and Cinnamon themes and settings, installed packages, enabled systemd services, and enabled vim plugins (installed through Pathogen). Freezedry is built with modules, each in charge of controlling a specific aspect of a user's system. A full list of modules can be found on github.

Other changes to the OS include LUKS encryption support in both the stable Aspen releas and the dev snapshot, a more stable installer, improved touchpad support, and fuller icon coverage.

The Apricity OS project also has a new and improved website that includes a forum, a blog, wiki-style documentation, and an online interface for Freezedry. This interface allows users to create a Freezedry configuration in a familiar web-based environment, and build custom Apricity OS ISOs with their custom configurations already enabled. 
You can checkout release announcement published in Apricity blog for authentic and up-to-date information.

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