Arch based Apricity OS is discontinued

The short history of GNU/Linux operating systems has witnessed rise and fall of several distributions, ranging from giants like Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) and Mandriva Linux to hundreds of other small distributions. One more GNU/Linux distribution has joined the list of discontinued projects. It is none other than Arch based Apricity OS.

Apricity OS (formerly Cinnarch) was one of the emerging derivative of Arch Linux. Like the base distribution, it had also followed a rolling release model. The project was well known from it's beautiful and intuitive user interface built on top of GNOME shell. This project used to ship with a nice Gtk+ theme, icon themes and wisely chosen applications.

Credit : Apricity OS
Unfortunately, like many other distributions, Apricity OS was also compelled to discontinue, due lack of human resources to support the project. Announcing the retirement, Apricity OS team has made a small announcement in projects github page.
Like all good things, Apricity OS must come to an end. It has been our privilege to develop the operating system, and to be a part of a community as great as our own. But unfortunately, we no longer have time for its required upkeep. We hope that your time using our operating system has been enjoyable, and that you continue to explore using Linux in the future. You all, our users, have made this experience incredible for us, and we cannot thank you enough for the support.

The Apricity OS Team

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