Apricity OS 12.2015 Beta Released

The Apricity OS team announced availability of Apricity OS 12.2015, latest monthly development release of Arch based rolling GNU/Linux distribution coming with user friendly installer and a good collection of essential software packages.

From release announcement:
We had hoped to release our very first KDE edition, but alas it won’t be ready until next month. Write a quick comment if you’d like to see an XFCE version before the KDE one, or if you have any other suggestions. With this release, we’ve fixed several bugs relating to package management, and have included a preconfigured Vim with the system. Additionally, we’ve upgraded Calamares, the installer, to version 2.0 Beta2, the latest relatively stable version.
See complete release announcement in Apricity OS blog.

Download Apricity OS 12.2015 Beta

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