Solus 1.0 'Shannon' Released

The Solus Project announced release of Solus 1.0, first most stable release of independently evolved GNU/Linux distribution. Solus Linux comes with an in house built desktop environment named Budgie. Solus Linux is targeting to provide a lightweight, usable and elegant operating system to all categories of users.

From release announcement:
The Solus Project is proud to announce the release of the first version of its operating system, Solus, on 27th of December, 2015. Solus 1.0 is codenamed Shannon after the longest river in Ireland.

Solus 1.0 is the result of over eight months of work, coalesced from over a dozen contributors, over 2000 package builds, a rewrite of the premier desktop environment Budgie, and more.
See complete release announcement in Solus Blog.

Download Solus OS 1.0

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