Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1 released

Following the common release announcement for all Ubuntu 16.04.1 flavors, Ubuntu MATE team has announced release of Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1, first most maintenance release in 16.04 LTS series of Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distributions featuring MATE Desktop.

Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1, being first maintenance release in 16.04 LTS series, provides fixes for several bugs reported in base release and also, it includes latest updated packages to reduce system update efforts for new users.

Following are some notable highlights/bug fixes in Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1.
  • Ubuntu MATE Welcome fixes.
    • Fix Raspberry Pi partition resizer.
    • Remove obsolete linux-firmware-nonfree from the install options.
    • Correct some strings so translations are exposed.
  • Ubuntu MATE Artwork fixes.
    • Fix Calendar styling.
    • Fix progress bars so they are one colour.
    • Make GTK2 and GTK3 scrollbars consistent.
  • Ubuntu MATE Settings fixes.
    • Fix switching keyboard layouts using Alt + Shift.
  • Ubiquity fixes.
    • Now prompts to join available WiFi networks during the install.
  • Fixed shutdown/restart of the live session in Virtualbox and VMWare guests.
A release announcement is available in project's blog.

Download Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1

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