MATE Desktop 1.18 lands in Solus with other package updates

In weekly news letter of Solus project, the team has announced availability of MATE Desktop 1.18 in Solus stable repository. MATE Desktop 1.18 is most recent version of modern, productive desktop environment that follows traditional desktop metaphor. This release of MATE Desktop marks completion of Gtk3+ migration process which was started a while ago.

CREDIT : Solus Project
Other updates from Solus weekly news letter includes:
  • KDE Frameworks has been upgraded to version 5.32.0 and most recent version of KDenlive is made available in repositories.
  • Linux Kernel has been updated to 4.9.16 latest stable long term supported release.
  • Continued live stream which introduces Solus package management which begins from basic concepts and gradually moves into advanced concepts.
Currently, the team is working to improve ISO snapshots for Q1. This mainly includes following items.
  • A new release for brisk menu - a modern application menu for mate desktop, developed by Solus project in collaboration with Ubuntu MATE. This release will include option to open menu editor by right clicking on items and option to search for items in control center.
  • Budgie 10.3 - An upcoming bug fix release of budgie desktop. Possibly, this may the last release prior to upcoming Budgie 11.
  • Removing some outliers in UEFI installation process.
  • Reducing the verbosity of debug message during boot time.
For more information and a detailed list of updated packages, see This Week in Solus published in Solus blog.

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