GNOME 3.24 is getting released on 22nd March, following are planned features

As per development schedule published by GNOME project, GNOME 3.24, latest stable release of modern desktop environment for unix like systems, is expected to release on 22nd March 2016. Towards this release, the code freezing has been done on 20th March.

Credit : GNOME blog
GNOME 3.x is a modern desktop shell for unix like operating systems. When the GNOME project stopped support for GNOME 2.x project and started working on GNOME 3.x, there were a lot of criticism against it and most of them were associated with the productivity. Over the years, GNOME 3.x has evolved a lot and improved a lot to be more productive and user friendly desktop environment by adhering modern standards. Continuing the goal of improving productivity and usability, following are features planned to introduce in GNOME 3.24.
  • Updated user account settings - User Account Settings, a module in gnome control center facilitate user management such as user management, password management, user group management ..etc. In GNOME 3.24, this has been updated to follow general design standards of GNOME shell.
  • Updated printer settings - Print configuration module has also been updated to follow gnome design standards.
  • Tag editing feature is introduced in GNOME Music : New GNOME Music will let you to edit meta data of music files. This change was done as a part of GSoC 2016.
  • GNOME Photos facilitate photo import from devices.
  • A new application has been introduced to manage stored password and keys. This is expected to replace Seahorse.
  • Revamped header bar and bookmarks section in Epiphany (aka GNOME Browser)
  • Root files can be browsed only after proper authentication.
For more details, see release schedule, feature plans and individual blog posts on new features on GNOME portal.

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