elementary OS 0.4.1 Loki released based on Ubuntu 16.04.2

Combining all package updates and other feature refinements since release of elementary OS 0.4, elementary OS team has announced release of an updated snapshot in 0.4.x Loki series. This snapshot makes use of all package updates from Ubuntu 16.04.2 and other user experience improvements made by elementary OS team during last 6 months.
Brand new AppCenter in elementary OS
One of the key highlights of elementary OS 0.4.1 is brand new AppCenter integrated with AppCentre Dashboard, a system developed by elementary team to enable 3rd party app developers to directly publish their app in AppCentre. In addition to usability improvements, updated AppCentre comes with increased stability and reliability. The AppCentre development was mainly driven by Denver AppCentre Spring.

Another notable highlight in elmentary 0.4.1 release Linux Kernel 4.8 inherited from Ubuntu 16.04.2 release. This kernel update will enable better hardware support, especially modern hardware like intel i7 processors.
We’re proud to announce the release of a major update to elementary OS Loki: version 0.4.1. This release brings a new hardware enablement stack, all of the updates to Loki thus far, plus a brand new AppCenter.

Notable updates include a significant upgrade to Epiphany, several fixes in Files, a redesigned metadata sidebar for Photos, new Bluetooth settings, a microphone indicator and bluetooth device controls in the sound indicator, a brightness slider in the power indicator, the ability to start an AppCenter search from the applications menu, Look & Feel updates, better support for CJK input methods, better translations, and more. if you’ve kept up to date, there’s nothing exclusive to 0.4.1, but it does mean fewer updates to download on new installs and a better experience out of the box. 0.4.1 isn’t just a minor bug fix release with a few bumped packages; this release includes a ton of new features that represent 8 months of solid development work.
For more information & screeenshots see original release announcement published in elementary blog.

Download elementary OS 0.4.1

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