elementary OS JUNO Beta 1 is available now

The elementary OS team has announced the availability of elementary OS Juno beta 1. It is a developer preview targeting app developers, testers, and other elementary OS contributors.

With this release, App developers can test their apps against the upcoming elementary ecosystem to make sure that, their apps are working well with Juno when it is ready. The AppCenter in Juno is currently empty. The team will add Apps as they get mature enough to work on Juno.

The elementary team also expects highly technical users to perform regression tests on non-production systems.
If you have an app published in AppCenter for Loki or would like to publish an app for Juno, this pre-release is for you!

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you read about Houston CI and enable this for your repo. Houston CI builds and tests your app against Juno and will let you know about issues even if you’re not running the Beta.

We’ll have a follow-up post shortly detailing the major changes you should know about when updating your apps, but until then you can always join the Community Slack to get help with app development.

For now, the most important changes to worry about are those to Gtk+ and Gtk.CSS in particular. If your app uses custom CSS, you’ll want to run it in the Beta to make sure it still looks as it should.
For further details, see release announcement published on elementary blog.

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