Linux Mint 19 provides an above average performance with friendly interface

Last week, Linux Mint team has announced the release of Linux Mint 19. It is a stable release of popular GNU/Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Linux Mint 19 comes with a handful of changes and improvements over previous releases. It provides 3 flavors featuring Cinnamon, MATE & Xfce Desktops.

The Latest issue of DistroWatch weekly (2nd July 2018) features a review of Linux Mint 19. This review observes Linux Mint 19 as an above average distribution, that exhibits a decent memory footprint with a friendly interface. The reviewer also expresses his positive experience with the Linux Mint 19. During one week of experiment time, he could n't find any serious issues with this distribution. On the positive side, the reviewer counts the hardware support, revamped Software Manager with Debian & flatpak support, and decent set of visual effects. Linux Mint 19 also ships a decent set of applications by default. Nothing more and nothing less.

The negative points are, however, very much personal opinion. The reviewer is unhappy with the changes made in update manager. Earlier, update manager used to classify packages based on their stability and priority. Now, update manager provides the complete update option and relies on Timeshift backup tool to maintain the stability of the system. Timeshift tool fails to works on an encrypted home directory and with the brtfs file system.
Mint 19 is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and will receive approximately five years of security updates. The new version also features a number of changes and improvements. For instance, Mint now includes a welcome window that runs when the user logs in and guides the user through steps that should be performed immediately after the operating system has been installed. The Mint update manager now installs all software updates by default. Previously the update manager could be used to filter out risky software upgrades, but that has been phased out in favor of operating system snapshots. Speaking of snapshots, Timeshift, a snapshot manager is included by default and I will talk about it later. The project's documentation also points out that MATE now includes HiDPI monitor support. 
You can read the original Linux Mint 19 review in distrowatch weekly. 

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