Kubuntu 17.04 Beta 1 released with Plasma 5.9.0

Following the official announcement of Ubuntu Budgie, Kubuntu has also announced availability of Kubuntu 17.04 beta 1 for testing. This development release of Kubuntu will give an impression of planned features/changes for upcoming Kubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus stable release. However this release is not recommended for newbies and unexperienced users as it is likely to break at any moment.
Courtesy : Kubuntu Project
Kubuntu , an official community flavor of Ubuntu featuring modern KDE Plasma desktop brings a new yet stable release of Plasma Desktop (currently 5.9.0) by default in 17.04 release. While this can be upgraded to latest plasma release by enabling Kubuntu backports repository. Plasma 5 desktop in Kubuntu will deliver a smooth desktop experience. Other important updated packages included in this release is KDE Applications 16.12.1 which is a collection of KDE applications which will find use in daily life and most of these applications have been ported to KDE Frameworks 5. This release also brings LibreOffice 5.2 - a relatively new and stable version of productivity suite developed by the Document Foundation and Firefox 50.1.

Plasma 5, the new generation of KDE's desktop has been developed to make it smoother to use while retaining the familiar setup. The ninth set of updates to Plasma 5 is the default in this version of Kubuntu.

Kubuntu comes with KDE Applications 16.12.1 containing all your favourite apps from KDE, with the exception of okular and PIM and related products. This is the 16.12.1 update with bugfixes and translation updates. Most applications have been ported to KDE Frameworks 5 but those which aren't should fit in seamlessly. Non-KDE applications include LibreOffice 5.2 and Firefox 50.1.
Fore more information see release announcement and release notes published in Kubuntu blog and Ubuntu wiki respectively.

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