openSUSE Leap 42.2 GNOME flavor is better than Plasma counterpart : Review

By the time, openSUSE Leap is familiar to all GNU/Linux enthusiasts. It is a conservative, stable, enterprise quality GNU/Linux distribution funded and backed by SUSE Foundation, team behind SEL(SUSE Enterprise Linux).

Since it's inception, there has been multiple reviews on openSUSE Leap 42.2. Most of these reviews praises the stability of the distribution and power of YaST, tool for system configuration and administration. While these reviews also criticizes the difficulty to do the initial configurations. For some people it is related to hardware support such bluetooth, network and printer support ..etc. While for some others it is related to installation of packages such as multimedia codecs.

A customized version of openSUSE Leap 42.2 (CREDIT : dedoimedo)
The dedoimedo portal has published a review on openSUSE Leap 42.2 GNOME edition. The main point made out of the review is, GNOME edition is much better comparing to KDE Plasma counterpart. It provides some relatively easy options for customizing user interface. However, still there some inherent issues like initial configuration, hardware support etc. There are other issues like reduced power efficiency, repeated wifi password queries ..etc. The reviewer puts the blame of QA(Quality Assurance) team for these issues.
OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 Gnome is a better product than its Plasma counterpart, and no mistake. It is more stable, it is faster, more elegant, more easily customizable, and most of the critical everyday functions actually work. For example, you can print to Samba, if you are inclined to fight the firewall, copy files to Samba without losing timestamps, use Bluetooth, use your Ubuntu Phone, and all this without the crippling effects of constant crashes. The entire stack is just more fully featured and better supported.

However, Leap is still only a reasonable release and nothing more. It struggles in many core areas that other distros do with more panache and elegance, and there are some big, glaring problems in the overall product that are a direct result of bad QA. At the very least, this lack of quality has been an almost consistent element with openSUSE these past few years. Now and then, you get a decent hatchling, but most of them are just average. That's probably the word that best defines openSUSE Leap. Average. You should try and see for yourself. You will most likely not be amazed. Such a shame, because for me, SUSE has a sweet spot, and yet, it stubbornly refuses to rekindle the love. 6/10. Have a go, play with your emotions.
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