MX Linux 16 is very close to an ideal distribution

MX Linux is a nice experiment that combines MEPIS and antiX GNU/Linux distributions which were quite popular a while ago. It is based on stable branch of Debian and features a well customized Xfce desktop which is very productive, good looking and efficient.

MX Linux 16 was release on the middle of December and is based on Debian 8.x Jessy branch. Since it's release there has been multiple reviews and most of them, or I would say, all of them were approaching the distribution in a positive way. One of the main attraction of MX Linux 16 is a well functioning vertical panel, which is not that easy to achieve on an Xfce desktop.

The Linux Blog of DarkDuck portal has published a review on MX Linux 16 and it observes that, the distribution is almost close to in ideal GNU/Linux distribution and is stable and responsive. Though there are some negative points such as poor choice of colors and some font issues on application menu which is not a big deal as it can be easily customized. Also, the reviewer appreciates the MX Linux team for their efforts to develop such a nice distribution.
Once I selected the Live run, the bootloader started to search for existing persistence files and partitions on my laptop and obviously failed. Then it asked me about the location of the partition where I would want to keep the persistence information. The USB stick location was not an option at that time. I was not too sure about the way persistence is going to work, so I cancelled the persistence partition creation after some time so as not to risk data on my HDD. Nevertheless, I later saw a directory antiX created on one of the partitions of my HDD.
You can proceed to read complete review in Linux Blog of DarkDuck.

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