NethServer 7 beta 2 released with NextCloud 10

The NethServer community has announced release of NethServer 7 beta 2, latest development release for upcoming, stable CentOS based GNU/Linux operating system targeting small and medium enterprises. The NethServer 7, which is associated with the code name Bruschetta, is under active development for last few months and the team had requested help from community members to make this release a big foot step in the history of project.

NethServer 7 beta 2, current development release includes numerous updated packages and good features such as NextCloud 10, advanced static routes, new bandidthd and pop3 connector module. Also, NethServer can now work from USB like a charm. This will be a good news for people who uses computer without any CD-ROM. This release also enables SC(Software Collection) repository of CentOS be default, which will enable users to install newer versions of packages like PHP, Python, Ruby ..etc.

Source : NethRunner blog
The major feature changes and other highlights in NethServer 7 beta 2 can be summarized as follows:
  • NethServer has switched to Nextcloud from version 7 and developers have built the software packages for the community to easy install and update the app.
  • now it’s possible to implement routes with specific selection of device and metric to force a default gateway. This improvement make your firewall more versatile especially in a VPS environment
  • BandwidthD - A simple tool to track bandwidth usage. It is solid tool that has a proven trackrecord, widely adopted and better integrated in NethServer WebUI.
  • replaced Fetchmail with the much more promising Getmail application.
  • We have improved the Installation of NethServer from USB, now it works like a charm and it will become a mandatory feature for servers without cdrom reader.
  • Software Collections, also known as SCLs, allow you to run the default software version of major applications (like php, python, etc..)
  • and more..
To understand a complete list of new features in this release of NethServer, see official release announcement.

Download NethServer 7 Beta 2 (784 MB)

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