Apricity OS 07.2016, an easy to use rolling distribution - Review

Apricity OS is another Arch based rolling GNU/Linux distribution that offers, user friendly installer, pre-installed GUI environments, and other day to day applications. After several development releases, Apricity project has announced their first stable release, Apricity 07.2016, on last month.

The new issue of distrowatch weekly(11th Sep 2016) includes a review of Apricity OS 07.2016, first stable release of project. Mr Jesse Smithe, the reviewer remarks, despite of being a new operating system, Apricity OS is stable enough to use. It has a nice collection of packages and tools which offers a single application per task, and there is no duplication of applications. This enables users to do almost anything just after installing operating system. Also, the reviewer observes, despite of some rough edges, Apricity OS is a good choice for newbies looking for a rolling operating system.

Apricity OS was added to the DistroWatch database earlier this year and the project launched its first stable release, Apricity OS 07.2016, at the beginning of August. Apricity is based on Arch Linux and features a rolling release model of software updates. The distribution is currently available in two editions, Cinnamon and GNOME, and is available for the 64-bit x86 architecture exclusively. Apart from up to date software, Apricity offers users the ICE site specific browser which makes accessing web apps more like working with locally installed applications.

All in all, I like what Apricity is trying to do. The project is relatively new and off to a good start. There are some rough edges, but not many and I think the distribution will appeal to a lot of people, especially those who want to run a rolling release operating system with a very easy initial set up.
You may continue reading review published in distrowatch weekly.

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