Apricity OS is Clean and Classy : Review

The Apricity OS is an Arch based rolling GNU/Linux distribution that comes with a beautiful, well tweaked user interface and easy to use utilities to make life easier for newbies. Currently Apricity OS comes in GNOME and Cinnamon flavors.

The Linux Insider portal has published a review of Apricity OS latest beta release of Apricity OS. The reviewer concludes this review saying, Apricity OS with well-thought-out-design targets newbies and professionals alike. Also he finds that overall performance of system is impressive.

Apricity OS is an Arch Linux variant with rolling releases. The latest beta version was released last month. Betas can be frustrating to work with, and Arch Linux can be challenging, but Apricity's developers did their jobs well to ease that pain.

My desktop preference falls to Cinnamon, so I spent most of my time putting the GNOME edition to the test, because I wanted something less familiar to me. Cinnamon is new to this beta cycle. I was curious to see if Apricity OS offered me a reason to dwell on GNOME.

GNOME is one of my least favorite desktop options. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my disfavor for GNOME was mostly quelled by all the integrated niceties built into Apricity. Its GNOME desktop did not disappoint, thanks to the customized GNOME shell with many shell extensions preinstalled and enabled by default. 
Read complete review in Linux Insider's portal.

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