GNOME Control Center gets a redesigned WiFi settings

GNOME developers are always looking for modern and efficient designs. Since the first release of GNOME 3.x, there were numerous design changes in GNOME shell. One of the recent design to join this list is an updated WiFi settings window.

There is an ongoing discussion on a revamped control center. This discussion are inspired by mockups made by Allan Day, one of the blessed GNOME designer. These mockups are modern looking and preserves most the existing functionality. In this design, all options in control center will be listed on left side of the window and details will be available on right side. Adhering to this new convention, Mr Feaneron, has implemented a WiFi settings window.

Redesigned Wifi Settings
Current Network Settings in GNOME (It was redesigned as the network settings left panel is not looking with control center left panel)
For more details on updated WiFi settings, you can read developer diary written by Feaneron.

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