Netrunner Desktop 17.03 Cyclotron released with Linux 4.9.x and Firefox 52~ESR

The Netrunner team has proudly announced Netrunner Desktop 17.03 Cyclotron, another updated release for Debian based GNU/Linux distribution powered by a well tweaked Plasma Desktop. This release comes with updated KDE App stack and other default applications.

Courtesy : Netrunner Website
The notable highlights in Netrunner Desktop 17.03 release can be summarized as follows:
  • Firefox Plasma 52.0.1 has been updated to Firefox ESR channels. Which implies, users can avail security updates and bug fixes, but will remain stable as it won't be including any bleeding edge feature updates.
  • Ships MPV as default media player. It's black theme is well complemented with total look and feel of Netrunner Desktop.
  • Introduces a new volume mixer plugin and grub customizer is brought back.
  • Ships an extras set of wallpapers.
  • Includes updated packages like Firefox 52~ESR, Linux Kernel 4.9.0-1, Plasma 5.9.3, KDE Frameworks 5.31, Qt 5.7.1 ..etc
For more information and screenshots see release announcement in Netrunner website.

Download Netrunner 17.03 (64 BIT)

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