KaOS 2016.09 released with latest KDE commits

The KaOS team has announced release of KaOS 2016.09, latest monthly build of independently evolved, rolling GNU/Linux distribution that offers a keen, cutting edge KDE experience. Beginning from this release, KaOS makes use of latest source code from KDE project repositories instead of latest stable release tar balls. This will help the project to ship latest KDE features, but at the cost of stability.

A new addition for KaOS is a First Run Wizard. It will run on the newly installed system and enables with just a few clicks to adjust mouse behavior, menu launcher, desktop theme, used wallpaper, color scheme, widget style, window decoration and virtual desktops used. With one click this Wizard will also link to KaOS Documentation and all contact info.

The Plasma Desktop includes Frameworks 5.26.0, Plasma 5.7.90, KDE Applications 16.08.1 & not yet released ports of KDE Applications. All built on Qt 5.7.0. Changes in Plasma 5.8 include much improved support for multi-screen setups and docking stations, support for modifier-only shortcuts (default: Meta to open launcher menu), global shortcuts for launching applications and their jumplist actions, KWin now supports the llvmpipe driver for OpenGL, compositing removal of unredirect-fullscreen, replaced by compositing blocking and a rewritten Pager using less CPU and memory, shared back-end processing with the Task Manager.
A detailed release announcement is available in projects website.

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