Lubuntu 16.04.1 - A good distribution with a few drawbacks

Lubuntu is a lightweight, official community flavor of Ubuntu for people who are looking for a less resource hungry and efficient operating system. It can give power to low resource notebooks and old computers with less amount of resources.

The DarkDuck blog has published a review of Lubuntu 16.04.1, first minor update release in 16.04.x series. This review remarks that, Lubuntu is a good distribution with less resource usage. It is very compact and fast. However, there are some down sides such as crash of guvcview utility and lack of choices.

It is difficult to believe, but Linux notes from DarkDuck blog has never published a review of Lubuntu.

The reason? I am not so fond of an LXDE desktop environment that isn't an integrated desktop environment per se, but rather a collection of different small tools under the same roof.

But anyway I thought there should be a review for this distribution, especially because it is in the Top-20 of Distrowatch rating.

As happened multiple times before, the trigger was a request from my customers. One of them ordered a disk with Lubuntu 16.04 operating system. You can order your personal copy of Lubuntu operating system too!
You can read complete review in DarkDuck's blog.

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