PC-BSD 10.3-RELEASE announced

Soon after availability of Free-BSD 10.3-RELEASE, PC-BSD team also announced release of PC-BSD 10.3-RELEASE, latest stable update in PC-BSD 10.x series. PC-BSD is a FreeBSD based operating system specially targeting desktop users. In additional to traditional open source desktop environment, it also offers a in house build desktop environment known as Lumina Desktop.

Following are major highlights of this release.
  • FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE base system
  • Using FreeBSD boot-loader for install media, will be used for installed system in 11.0 as well
  • Updated Qt tool-chain to support Qt 5.5.X
  • Life-preserver bug-fixes to remote replication
  • Made GRUB an optional package, in prep for 11.0
  • Mount Tray will auto-start playback of CD/DVD's upon insert detection
  • Numerous bug fixes in the installer for UEFI / GPT setups
  • Bug-fixes to cleaning up old 'gmirror' installations
  • Firefox 45.0
  • Chromium 48.0.2564.116
  • Thunderbird 38.6.0
  • Lumina 0.8.8
See original release announcement in PC-BSD mailing list.

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