Netrunner 17.06 Daedalus released with Plasma 5.10

The Netrunner team has proudly announced release of Netrunner 17.06, latest stable release of Debian testing based GNU/Linux distribution delivering most recent KDE Plasma desktop experience. Netrunner 17.06, code named Daedalus is available only in 64 bit flavors as most of the recent laptops/desktops are capable for running 64 bit operating system.

Netrunner 17.06 comes with upgraded Plasma stack, KDE Frameworks and Apps, everything integrated on top of Debian testing branch. It also includes usual collection of packages like Libreoffice, KDEnlive, Gimp, Audacious, Steam, Skype, Transmission, Virtualbox, Krita, Inkscape and many more. In addition to these package updates, Netrunner 17.06 also comes with a fresh set of wallpapers.

Following are some updated packages available in Netrunner 17.06 release:
  • Linux Kernel 4.9.0-1
  • Plasma 5.10
  • Frameworks 5.34
  • Qt 5.7.1
  • KDE Applications 17.04
  • Firefox 52~ESR
  • Thundebird 52.1
For more information and high resolution screenshots, see release announcement published in Netrunner blog.

Download Netrunner 17.06 (2.2 GB)
Sha256 c3f243d10cf108faaf84ad3437b64a765c1014a0da1ef34849a44cb683773c0c

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