elementary OS gets support for OEM information on About window

Summarizing the activities in June 2017, elementary team has published monthly new letter. During this month, the team was working on visual improvements of various components and there are under the hood improvements to provide more reliable experience.

Updated about dialog in elementary OS ( Credit : elementary blog)
One of the notable update in June 2017 is support for displaying OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) information on About page of system settings. In this section, OEM can put their logo, brand name & link to website. The elementary team has updated README on project's repository to learn more about configuring OEM information.

Other updates in June 2017 can be summarized as:
  • User account settings has been updated to provide more comprehensive feedback on weak passwords, which includes palindromes, dictionary words .etc
  • Date & Time applet on panel has a refined look now. Now it is more accessible with large text accessibility settings.
  • Various package updates including bug fixes, translations and clean code. All these updates can be applied using update provision given in AppCenter.
  • New apps have been added to AppCenter. There are over 20 apps now including an excellent BitTorrent client, a handy color picker applet, and a new notes app
For more detailed descriptions and illustrations, see original blog post.

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