openSUSE Leap 42.2 is an extremely stable distribution

openSUSE Leap is an enterprise quality GNU/Linux distribution backed by SUSE foundation. It features extremely stable packages from SEL (SUSE Enterprise Linux) and some packages contributed by openSUSE community.

The Everday Linux User portal has recently published a review of openSUSE 42.2, latest release in openSUSE Leap branch. GNOME flavor of openSUSE leap is considered for the review. In this review, it is observed that openSUSE Leap is extremely stable distribution and if someone is looking for stand alone operating system it is a good choice. It is providing a very smooth and reliable GNOME experience unlike some main stream distributions. Also, the YAST control center provide options to customize operating system up to a great extent.
So here is the deal. If as the Everyday Linux User you are going to use openSUSE then you have to stick with it and in reality it should be the only operating system on your machine. Trying to dual boot will probably tie you up in knots. After you have installed it and you have the most important non-free packages installed (Google Chrome being the main one) then you are likely to find openSUSE and GNOME a joy.

GNOME is really easy to use. It really is point and click and if you can get a handle on those keyboard shortcuts then life will be very easy indeed. openSUSE is stable and it won't let you down with odd quirks that some other distributions have. It really is a case of taking that bit more time to get used to than you may have to with a Linux Mint for instance.

The good news is that there is a lot of documentation available and most things you will try have been tried before and there is usually a straight forward guide to follow to get to where you want to be.
See Everyday Linux User portal to read complete review of openSUSE 42.2

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