Zorin OS 12 beta released with Zorin Desktop 2.0

The Zorin Group has announced availability of Zorin OS 12 beta, development release of upcoming Zorin OS 12. The Zorin OS 12 is expected to be the biggest release in projects history so far. This release completely renovates zorin desktop using latest technologies to provide a powerful user experience.

Credit : Zorin blog
The major changes planned/implemented in Zorin OS 12 can be summarized as follows:
  • Introduces Zorin Desktop 2.0 which make use of latest and great technologies. It will be using GNOME shell under the hood and it will be extremely customized to make it more comfortable. It will make use of GNOME shell features like multitasking overview, universal search and improve notification messages.
  • Zorin Desktop now comes with advanced display features. It can automatically adjust for different devices such as desktops, laptops and high resolution monitors.
  • Improved support for touch screens. Introduces special touch shortcuts to perform different actions.
  • Ease of use and familiar look and feel. Even though, new zorin desktop is based on GNOME shell, it won't sacrifice core value of providing a familiar, user friendly desktop for windows and OS X users. The desktop will be customized to provide familiar user experience as in past.
  • New zorin desktop comes with a refreshing look and feel. A lot of elements have been revisited to offer consistent and user friendly experience.
  • New icon theme based on Paper - A material inspired icon theme.
  • Zorin Look Changer and Zorin Theme Changer are integrated to one app called Zorin Appearance which provide several options to customized look and feel.
  • Chromium is used as default browser.
  • Better integration with google accounts and other web based apps from google.
  • Brings new apps like map, weather, photos and videos.
  • and much more.
For more information and screenshots, see release announcement published in projects blog.

Download Zorin OS 12 beta

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