Italian city Vicenza replaces Windows with Zorin OS

Following many other governments and nations, Italian city Vicenza is also replacing Microsoft Windows with Zorin OS. This process will be taken forward after performing a trial run on a few systems. Zorin OS is selected for replacement owing to it's similarity with Windows and stable Ubuntu base.

The city of Vicenza, Italy is planning to switch its municipality’s computers’ OS from Microsoft Windows to Zorin OS, starting with a pilot run on a number of computers.

Zorin OS, a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, offers a very familiar experience to the users of Microsoft Windows who wants to enter the world of Linux.

Zorin OS development was initially started by Artyom Zorin at 2008. It provides a powerful, yet flexible and easy to use system with a familiar Windows 7-like interface that can be changed to act and look like Windows XP, GNOME 2 as well. As of this moment, according to DistroWatch, Zorin OS is the 10th most popular Linux distro.
For more information, see news article published by itsfoss.

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