Zorin OS : Linux designed for Windows Users : Review

The tecmint portal has published a review of Zorin OS, an Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution that offers traditional desktop experience, or more precisely Windows or OS X like user experience. An integrated app coming with Zorin OS enable people to switch between GNOME 2 and Windows 7 appearance in Zorin OS core and additionaly windows xp and OS X appearance in ultimate edition.

In the advent of Linux’s grand entrance into the PC space back in 1993, has been an insurgency of operating systems and that time also happened to be the wake of a technological-oriented generation adopting computers at a much faster pace than ever before.

In the light of this fact, Debian took off grandly (two years after Linux was born) and through it, a staggering 200 independent distributions have poured out – thanks to Ian Murdock.

We can likewise say thanks to Canonical/Ubuntu for driving the concept of user-friendliness and usability for the “normal human” which other distros like Linux Mint et ‘al have perfected over the years to the extent at which it is more than reliable in this day and age.
Read complete review in tecmint portal

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