FreeBSD 10.3-RC3 Released

The FreeBSD team announced release of FreeBSD 10.3-RC3, latest development release of upcoming FreeBSD 10.3. FreeBSD is an independently evolved BSD distribution that is capable of powering different platforms like server, desktop, embedded system..etc

This development release of FreeBSD comes two weeks after previous development release, FreeBSD 10.3-RC2.

As per release mail, following are changes made in FreeBSD 10.3-RC3 since release of FreeBSD 10.2 RC2.
  • The requirement that for a root-on-ZFS setup, ZFS needs taccount for at least 50 percent of the resulting partition table was removed from bsdinstall/zfsboot.
  • Build configurations of csh(1) and tcsh(1) were changed tactivate the SAVESIGVEC option, i. e. saving and restoring of signal handlers before/after executing an external command.This addresses the problem that after such a program linked tlibthr(3) has been run, these shells may terminated on receiving a SIGINT.
  • FreeBSD SA-16:15 and CVE-2016-1885 respectively has been resolved.
  • The netwait rc(8) script has been changed trequire firewall setup to be completed, otherwise a ping(8) tthe IP address specified via the netwait_ip option may not succeed.
  • In order tbe able twork on upcoming Intel Purley platform systems including Skylake Xeon servers, the x86 kernels now align the XSAVE area ta multiple of 64 bytes.Please note, that at this point it is unknown whether this is the only change necessary for FreeBSD to run on Intel Purley machines.
  • A race with the parent attach in the filemon(4) support of script(1) has been fixed.
  • The abi rc(8) script now automatically loads linux64.kon amd64 if Linux binary compatibility is enabled via the linux_enable option.
  • A race in callout_stop_safe(9) - the backing of callout_drain(9) -, which could lead ta thread switching off CPU and then never become runnable, has been fixed.
Read complete announcement in FreeBSD release mailing list.

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