elementary OS team was not on vaccation after 0.4.1 release, here is updates in May

It is a usual practice that, core developers take some rest after an updated release. But this practice did n't work well with elementary OS team, at least after release of elementary OS 0.4.1 Loki.

The elementary team has published a new blog post summarizing updates in past month, May 2017. All the updates are available in official repositories and existing users can make use of AppCenter update option to get their hands on latest updates and refinements.
Newly introduced brightness control in elementary OS power indicator
Following are notable updated shipped by elementary team during May 2017.
  • The battery icon on panel has been updated to show more charge levels. Also, there were multiple changes in icon theme like refined Terminal icon, new USB key icons, non-generic icons for meson build files and CSV files, and more
  • AppCenter has been updated to show more detailed error report in case of payment failures. Based on feedback from many users, card expiry date field is updated to take input matching with either MMYY or MM/YY format.
  • The power indicator applet has been updated to include a brightness control options. This was a long requested feature in elementary OS.
  • Other bug fixes like canceling transaction when ESC key is pressed during authentication, empty language and regional settings on first run ..etc
  • Granite, the elementary OS development library has been updated to version 0.4.1
  • Other updates like clean code, general bug fixes and updated translations.
For more information, see monthly news letter in elementary OS blog.

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