Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 released with latest GNOME 3.24

The Ubuntu GNOME team has announced release of Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 Zesty Zapus, latest stable release of Ubuntu based official community GNU/Linux distribution featuring GNOME Desktop environment. For the first time in history, Ubuntu GNOME is shipping latest release of GNOME Desktop available till date.

The future of Ubuntu GNOME as a separate distributions was in a dilemma, after the announcement made by Mark Shuttleworth. Mr Mark Shuttleworth, founder and CEO of Canonical, the team behind Ubuntu had announced the decision to stop investing on the idea of convergence and Unity shell. He also declared that, beginning from 18.04 LTS Ubuntu will be shipping GNOME as default desktop environment. This decision questions the need of Ubuntu GNOME as a separate distributions.
Due to change in Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu GNOME team has decided to merge their resources and efforts with Ubuntu team to make a reliable desktop operating system. Which means, Ubuntu GNOME will be shutting down as a separate distribution.

Some of the key highlights of Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 Zesty Zapus can be summarized as follows:
  • Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 proudly features GNOME 3.24.
  • GNOME 3.24 introduces Night Light which can automatically reduce the blue light emitted by your computer screen at sunset or whenever you choose.
  • The Calendar app now has a Week view.
  • For stability, the Evolution stack is still at its GNOME 3.22 versions.
  • A few apps are still at their GNOME 3.20 versions: the Files app nautilus and the Terminal app
  • The Software app has been updated to 3.22 and now supports GNOME Shell extensions and Flatpak.
  • Flatpak 0.8 is now installed by default. Ubuntu Snap (snapd) is still installed. Both Flatpak and Ubuntu Snap are alternative app installation frameworks.
  • The chrome-gnome-shell system helper is installed by default.
  • The tracker search indexing engine is now sandboxed.
  • Several apps are no longer installed for new installs, but will not be automatically removed from existing installs: brasero (a CD burning app), evolution (email suite), seahorse (GPG and SSH key management app), xdiagnose (display troubleshooting app). These apps are still available for install in the Software app.
  • gnome-icon-theme is no longer installed for new installs. The default icons have been provided by the Adwaita icon theme instead for the past 2 years. This might cause issues for some older apps that still try to use old stock icon names. If this affects an app you use, please file a bug and install gnome-icon-theme as a workaround.
  • gconf is no longer installed by default since it has long been superseded by gsettings. Note that statistics and preferences for the aisleriot card games will be reset when upgrading to 17.04.
  • The brand new GNOME Recipes app is available for install but is not installed by default.
  • GNOME Games (gnome-games-app) is also available for install.
For more information see release announcement and release notes published by Ubuntu GNOME team.

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