MATE Desktop 1.18 released by completing GTK3+ migration

Mr Martin Wimpress, developer at MATE project has announced availability of MATE 1.18, latest stable release of traditional looking, modern desktop environment which was initially started as a fork of outdated GNOME 2.x project.

The main highlight of MATE 1.18 is completion of GTK3+ migration which was started a while back. This release includes desktop applications and other components built against GTK3+ by removing outdated and deprecated framework api calls.

Following are notable changes/highlights of MATE 1.18 release:
  • Entire applications and other desktop components are build against Gt3+
    • Requires GTK+ >= 3.14.
    • All GTK2+ code has been dropped including the --with-gtk build option.
  • Completed the migration to GtkApplication from libunique.
  • Added libinput to support mouse and touchpad.
    • Separate settings for handedness (left/right-handed) and motion acceleration/threshold.
  • Better accessibility support (Especially for visually impaired users)
  • Caja - The mate file managers comes with several improvements
    • Added a copy queue and copy pausing.
    • Asking confirmation before moving files to the Trash.
    • Support for back/forward mouse buttons for directory navigation.
    • Notification when ejected drives are safe to unplug.
  • Users can customize background of lock screen instead of using system default one.
  • MATE Panel gets several improvements, including:
    • Added desktop actions support for additional launch options.
    • Added StatusNotifier support.
    • Added support for Menulibre menu editor, if installed it is preferred over Mozo.
  • Engrampa, the archive manager, includes a number of improvements:
    • Added ear and war to the supported types list.
    • Check the rar/unrar version to the correct date is shown.
    • Fixed compress rar and 7z split into volumes.
  • Notifications now implement action icons support, for example playback control icons used by media players.
  • Reworked the font viewer to add font browsing mode, support for TTC fonts and expose it in the menus by default.
  • Replaced deprecated upower suspend/hibernate functions with ConsoleKit2 equivalents.
  • MATE Terminal adds the ability to close tabs with middle mouse button.
  • Atril, the document viewer, has much improved page load times and adds support for unarchiver used by some comics.
  • Lots of deprecated GTK+ methods have been replaced and many bugs have been fixed.
  • The plugin systems, and all C and Python plugins, in Eye of MATE and Pluma have been ported to libpeas.
  • Updated translations.
  • A number of memory leaks issues have been addressed.
  • MATE Calculator is back and has been ported to GTK3+
For more details, see release announcement in MATE project website.

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