GNOME 3.24 released with numerous cool features

The GNOME Foundation has announced release of GNOME 3.24 Portland, latest stable release of modern desktop environment for GNU/Linux and other Unix like systems. This release is a result of 6 months of development effort by GNOME team members and other contributors across the world.

GNOME 3.24 is another remarkable milestone for GNOME project and it brings and updated platform and other applications. It includes several new features, improvements and other bug fixes. It offers something worthy for both basic users and experience users.

Courtesy : GNOME Project
Some of the noteworthy highlights of GNOME 3.24 is summarized in following section.
  • Introduces Night Light features which makes your system capable for adjusting brightness according to time of the day. This will help to reduce eye stress and sleeplessness caused by prolonged use of computer on night time.
  • System Menu contains a new section to preview summary of weather information. This will also link to weather application.
  • This release also introduces a new Recipes application, which contains recipes contributed by members of the GNOME community. It has an extensive set of features for adding and editing recipes, creating shopping lists, adjusting quantities and even has a hands-free cooking mode. 
  • Other GNOME applications like Web, Photos, Polari Games, Calendar and Calculator have been improved for 3.24
  • GNOME Control Center has been updated and there are 3 new pages which matches with standard design principles on which GNOME shell is built.
  • Improved GNOME Builder and better support for Flatpack are added features for developers.
For more information and screenshots of GNOME 3.24, see release announcement and release notes published by GNOME project.

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