Zorin OS 12 Core and Ultimate editions released; Projects biggest release so far

The Zorin OS has proudly announced release of Zorin OS 12 Core and Ultimate editions, latest stable release of Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution that offers an easy to use, familiar user interface for people migrating from other proprietary platforms. This release is considered as biggest release from Zorin Group so far, as it introduces a new version of Zorin Desktop which make computers more usable, powerful and enjoyable.

The most important highlight of Zorin OS 12 is availability of Zorin Desktop 2.0, a GNOME Shell powered desktop environment with several new features. These features includes, activity overview - an dynamic way for displaying all active windows with option to switch between workspaces, universal search - place to search anything ranging from applications installed in computer to information out there on web, a sexy way of displaying notifications and improved display support with new touch gestures. All these features are combined with familiar elements like application menu, taskbar ..etc from other proprietary operating systems.

Zorin Desktop 2.0 also brings some design improvements like nice blend of light and dark colors, improve theme, and a stunning icon theme based on Paper - an icon theme well known for adopting google's material design standards.
With Zorin OS 12, we are introducing a new release schedule going into the future. Major releases of Zorin OS will now be made once every 2 years. In between, a number of point releases will be made that will include incremental updates to the built in apps as well as support for new hardware, security fixes and various under-the-hood improvements. This gives you the optimal balance between the robustness of tried-and-tested technology and the latest and greatest features. By focusing on one release at a time, we will be able to provide the best possible experience to everyone using Zorin OS.
For a complete list of features, screenshots and demos, you can checkout official release announcement published in projects blog.

Download Zorin OS 12 Core Edition

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