Kodi team warns users about unofficial addons

Kodi Media Center team has warned users to be careful while choosing unofficial add-ons. A few incidents were reported, where newly installed add-ons removed existing add-ons without user permission or knowledge. Even though Kodi team is not mentioning add-on developers explicitly, they wants users to be aware of this situation.

Though Kodi team is not guaranteeing 100% safety in using addons from official repository, it is comparatively much safer.

Since v10.0  which was the first version with an add-on repository, we as team have always checked the contents of each add-on and what it’s intentions are before it was added. This is done with the intention to prevent unwanted things happening when installing certain add-ons and upholding a certain quality standard. To give a better understanding on what this entails I will provide a short walk through of this process before these add-ons are added to our official repo. First of all a third-party developer writes a certain add-on and decides if he wants to make it available for public testing first for initial user feedback, or directly send it to us depending how confident he/she is about the functionality. We urge every developer to first read our repository rules before sending the add-on for review as that might already make it clear it will never be considered.

For more information, see official blog post published by Kodi team.


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