Apricity OS 04.2016 Beta & RC1 released

The Apricity OS team announced release of Apricity OS 04.2016 Beta and RC1 together. Apricity OS 04.2016 RC1 is first most stable release candidate of this Arch based distribution.

This month, a lot of effort has gone into improving the development workflow and making a distinction between stable, tested features and untested features. The apricity-core repository has split into three seperate repositories: the standard, unsigned apricity-core repo, a new signed apricity-core repo, and a signed apricity-core-dev repository for developers. All three repos are now being built twice a week. On the github side of things, almost all repositories have moved onto a new branching model. Repositories on this branching model have at least two branches: dev, and master. Feature branches are merged into dev when they are more-or-less finished. Master is considered the stable branch, and dev, as its name suggests, is for development. New features should be built on seperate feature-* branches, releases will be developed on release-* branches, and hotfixes for production code will be built on hotfix-* branches.
For complete release announcement, see Apricity OS blog.

Download Apricity OS 04.2016 RC1

Download Apricity OS 04.2016 Beta

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