KDE Frameworks 5.38.0 released with numerous bug fixes and improvements

The KDE community has announced availability of KDE Frameworks 5.38.0, latest stable release of Qt addon libraries which provides various commonly used functionalities with high reliability and stability. This release of KDE Frameworks includes various bug fixes and improvements, especially in Kirigami, a set of QtQuick components which can be used to build user interfaces based on the KDE UX guidelines.

Following are some important bug fixes and improvements included in KDE Frameworks 5.38.0 release.
  • Directory based search has been fixed in baloo, the file indexing and searching library for Qt.
  • KActivitiesStart has been updated with refracted query which combines linked and used resources, Reloading the model when the resource gets unlinked, and also the issue with query when merging linked and used resources is fixed.
  • Added support for uninstalled plugins in kcoreaddons_add_plugin
  • klauncher: fix appId matching for flatpak apps
  • Port the webshortcuts KCM from KServiceTypeTrader to KPluginLoader::findPlugins
  • Add mimetype filtering capabilities to KUrlCompletion
  • Remove busy loop check in TransferJobPrivate::slotDataReqFromDevice

Changes in Kirigami 

  • hide scrollbars when useless
  • Add basic example for adjusting column width draggable handle
  • ider layers in handles positioning
  • fix handle placing when overlaps the last page
  • don't show fake handle on the last column
  • don't store stuff in the delegates (bug 383741)
  • as we already set keyNavigationEnabled, set wraps as well
  • better left-alignment for the back button (bug 383751)
  • don't take into account the header 2 times when scrolling (bug 383725)
  • never wrap the header labels
  • address FIXME: remove resetTimer (bug 383772)
  • don't scroll away applicationheader in non mobile
  • Add a property to hide the PageRow separator matching AbstractListItem
  • fix scrolling with originY and bottomtotop flow
  • Get rid of warnings about setting both pixel and point sizes
  • don't trigger reachable mode on inverted views
  • take page footer into account
  • add a slightly more complex example of a chat app
  • more failsafe to find the right footer
  • Check item validity before using it
  • Honour layer position for isCurrentPage
  • use an animation instead of an animator (bug 383761)
  • leave needed space for the page footer, if possible
  • better dimmer for applicationitem drawers
  • background dimming for applicationitem
  • fix properly back button margins
  • proper margins for back button
  • less warnings in ApplicationHeader
  • don't use plasma scaling for icon sizes
  • new look for handles
For more information on KDE Frameworks 5.38.0 release, see original release announcement published in KDE website.

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