Tails 3.0 released; First release based on Debian 9

The Tails development team has announced availability of Tails 3.0, a secure GNU/Linux distribution that comes with builtin tools to protect your privacy and anonymity while surfing internet. For the first time in history of project, Tails is shipping a release within same time period as of it's base distribution, Debian.

Tails 3.0 is based on Debian 9.x Stretch which is due to release on 17th of June. When both projects are shipped at the same time, Tails project can provide it's users with most recent patches and updates from base distribution which also implies better relation with upstream.

Credit : Tails Website
Tails 3.0 comes with redefined startup and shutdown experience, polished desktop environment, improved security and other updated packages from upstream project. Major highlights in Tails 3.0 are listed below.
  • Tails Greeter, the application to configure Tails at startup, has been completely redesigned for ease of use. Now all options are available in a single window, language and regional settings are available with this greeter and also, accessibility options can be easily enabled;
  • Redesigned shutdown experience by fixing some random glitches and the screen is set to show as black.
  • Project switched to default black theme of gnome shell, which is more appealing
  • Other cool features with GNOME shell
  • Dropped support for 32 bit systems and now only supports 64 bit systems.
  • Update Tor Browser to 7.0 (based on Firefox 52 ESR)  
  • Other updated packages
For a complete list of changes, see original release announcement published by Tails project.

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