elementary OS 0.4 Loki updates in February

Mr Daniel Fore, founder of elementary project has published a blog post explaining various updates shipped by the project in February, for it's well known, Ubuntu based operating system named elementary OS (or eOS in short).
Revamped bluetooth manager (Courtesy : elementary blog)
Various updates shipped by elementary project in February can be summarized as:
  • Redesigned bluetooth settings : The elementary team has redesigned their bluetooth configuration application to make it aligned with elementary design principle. This redesigned application includes easily visible/changeable status indicator, easy buttons to connect/disconnect devices and links to relevant settings pages.
  • File : The elementary file manager applications has fixed issue of resetting zoom level after reboot. It also prevents malicious scripts from executing by opening them in text editor by default.
  • Screenshot Application : Screenshot application has been updated to avoid the black area around the screenshot when it is captured on HiDPI screen. It can also accurately capture the mouse pointer. The long waited feature, capturing screenshot by Print button, is also shipped.
  • Scratch : The elementary OS text editor has got numerous bug fixes associated with plugins. Now, it supports better word and bracket completion. This application has also got the ability to save the current state on exit, so that users can start from where they left.
  • And several other updates such as bug fixes on application menu, updated application menu configuration ..etc.
For more details on each update, see original blog post in elementary blog.

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